5 reasons to purchase a dedicated serverCLICK HEREAlthough there are many reasons to purchase a Dedicated Server, Optiquest put together a short list of the most important! If you relate to any of the following needs, please contact us at: 281-364-0519 or email sales@optiquest.net

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase your own Dedicated Server:

Reason #1. You own a business and need to host your web presence on a secure server that is customized to meet your clients’ needs.

Reason #2. You have a very popular blog or media site that has outgrown its shared hosting account and is even too big for a virtual private server (VPS).

Reason #3. You are a reseller and want to offer managed servers to all of your clients.

Reason #4. You are starting your own web hosting company and hope this will be the first of many dedicated servers you start to host websites.

Reason #5. You need to run complex web applications that require tools or software that do not come installed on shared hosting accounts.


Web Hosting Services in Texas.




OptiQuest of The Woodlands Texas, builds and maintains Network Rooms in and around the Houston area. We provide IT services to many Corporate, Emergency, and Government Agencies. We have some fairly unique experience in knowing what is needed to provide the robust and reliable type of service you are looking for. Here at Optiquest we provide hosting space for customers to maintain their own web sites as well as providing internet connectivity in our data center. High Bandwidth Connectivity and Redundant Connections allow us to guarantee 99.9% uptime on all websites. If you are in need of Web Hosting or other IT services in Texas, call us today at: 281-364-0519 or Email: sales@optiquest.net

Our Services: Posted Exchange/BES

Posted Exchange/BES for Your Business


Thinking about doing posted exchanges or BES? Microsoft Exchange Solutions provides your business all of the mobility, flexibility, and advanced features of contacts like; email, calendaring, and tasks, and support for the web-based and mobile access to information. Microsoft Exchange will also support data storage without all of the personnel costs, licensing, and hardware.

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