5 reasons to purchase a dedicated serverCLICK HEREAlthough there are many reasons to purchase a Dedicated Server, Optiquest put together a short list of the most important! If you relate to any of the following needs, please contact us at: 281-364-0519 or email sales@optiquest.net

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase your own Dedicated Server:

Reason #1. You own a business and need to host your web presence on a secure server that is customized to meet your clients’ needs.

Reason #2. You have a very popular blog or media site that has outgrown its shared hosting account and is even too big for a virtual private server (VPS).

Reason #3. You are a reseller and want to offer managed servers to all of your clients.

Reason #4. You are starting your own web hosting company and hope this will be the first of many dedicated servers you start to host websites.

Reason #5. You need to run complex web applications that require tools or software that do not come installed on shared hosting accounts.