Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2013

fathers-day-gift-ideasFathers Day is coming up soon and many are wondering what the heck gift to give instead of the same old boring tie. Well why not help Dad enter into the technological age?  Here are few links that well help you decide on a perfect tech gift for him.








Microsoft Offers Free Wi-Fi Router in Forbes Magazine


It seems that Microsoft has promoted Office 365 by providing a free Wi-Fi router, which facilitates 15 days of free Wi-Fi via T-Mobile, to select copies of the Forbes magazine.  In fact, according to a Microsoft technology spokesperson: “The custom 4-page insert with Wi-Fi hot-spot capabilities ran in the May 6, 2013 issue of Forbes and was sent to a limited number of technology and business professionals.

Those who find themselves receiving this free, technology gift are going to have to charge the Wi-Fi Router first and then they will be able to enjoy approximately three hours of Wi-Fi with every charge. The router supposedly can handle up to five technology devices at one time.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest and greatest trend that utilizes the internet connection and central remote servers to retain data and applications. With cloud computing users and businesses have the ability to use applications without having to install anything on their computer that has an internet access. This particular technology offers better organized computing by centralizing storage space, memory, processing and bandwidth.

cloud computing