Web Hosting Services in Texas.




OptiQuest of The Woodlands Texas, builds and maintains Network Rooms in and around the Houston area. We provide IT services to many Corporate, Emergency, and Government Agencies. We have some fairly unique experience in knowing what is needed to provide the robust and reliable type of service you are looking for. Here at Optiquest we provide hosting space for customers to maintain their own web sites as well as providing internet connectivity in our data center. High Bandwidth Connectivity and Redundant Connections allow us to guarantee 99.9% uptime on all websites. If you are in need of Web Hosting or other IT services in Texas, call us today at: 281-364-0519 or Email: sales@optiquest.net


Our Services: Email POP/SMTP


Optiquest caters to demanding email users, and small to mid size businesses employing user’s own domain name, providing advanced premium email solutions hosted on dedicated custom email platforms. POP3 and SMTP supported.

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About OptiQuest Data Center

Optiquest is a full service provider for all your IT and Data Hosting needs. We provide the hardware, skills and customer service to take your business to the next level. Whether you are looking for Technical Support, Email POP/SMTP, Web Hosting, Hosted Exchange/BES, Web Design, Software Applications, Custom Application Solutions or an entire Integration Package for your company, we can put you ahead of tomorrow’s cutting edge today.

Optiquest Proves it’s reliability during catastrophic times

Without the help of Optiquest during Hurricane Ike (2008), many companies would have shut down and lost data, as well as nine digit millions in revenue. Optiquest demonstrated that they truly are a 24/7 multi-specialty technology solutions provider. Optiquest employees maintained a continued presence to keep Houston companies running, preventing down time and loss of revenues.

Optiquest Data Center operated uninterrupted, with a state-of-the-art propane powered backup generator system, during the ten long days of public grid power outage. 24/7 dedicated staff kept clients’ mission-critical data and systems online running safely and securely. The data center and it’s customers remained secured and protected due to the additional steel structural support. Optiquest maintains a three week supply of fuel on-site that makes extended public power grid outages a non-issue.

Optiquest has proven it’s reliability in catastrophic times. It won’t fail due to anything as simple as a truck running into a power pole, generator failure, power room mishap, or chiller failure. Not even the largest hurricane in recent history (3rd costliest behind Andrew and Katrina) could take us offline.